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Lenten Study/Dinner Canceled!

The Lenten Dinner scheduled for March 21st is canceled due to weather. Everyone stay safe and dry.

Holy Week

Holy Week is Palm Sunday to Easter and is the heart of the Christian Church Year. Join us for these special worship services and activities to commemorate and observe this reflective time.

  • March 25th: 10:30am, Palm Sunday Worship Service
  • March 29th: 7:15pm, Tazie Service
  • March 30th: 12:00pm, Noon Good Friday Prayer Service
  • April 1st: 6:45am, Sunrise Service; 7:30am Breakfast in Donaldson Hall; 10:30am Worship Service

Community Easter Party

St. John's UMW will host the annual Community Easter Party on March 24th from 1 to 2pm. Children 2-9 are invited to come enjoy games, crafts and an Easter egg hunt!

So Be it —Pastor Paula to Retire

Pastor Paula closes each sermon with those three words: So Be It. On February 4th, she announced she is retiring from ministry effective the middle of June 2018 to conicide with the Annual Conference.

The Pastor Staff Parish Relations (PSPR) committee has begun the transition process the United Methodist Church follows to replace Pastors. On February 11th, our Conference Bishop, Shama Lewis, will convene the first meeting of the 16 District Superintendants (DS) to begin the search and replacement of ministers in churches throughout the Conference. Our DS will represent us in that appointment process. Once a minister is nominated, the PSPR will meet with the proposed minister and DS and transition issues will be discussed. This will likely take place in late spring.

The definitive announcement of pastoral appointments is made at the Annual conference in Hampton on June 17th. The PSPR asks that you join them in prayer for our church, the DS, the appointee he seeks as our new pastor and pastor Paula as she transitions. Watch for new information as it becomes availalbe.

2018 Music Camp!

Registration for Music Camp 2018 is now open! Singing, recorder, Orff insturments, handchimes, handbells, demonstrations and many other activities! Camp runs from 9:30am to 12:30pm June 26 to July 1st.

Camp participants will perform at worship serevices for the congregation on July 1st at 1030am.

Please complete the registration and release forms and return them to the office by June 20th. Contact the church office for more information.

St. John's Pre-School

St. John's CECE promotes the mental, physical and spiritual growth of our children through a program including instruction, work and play. We offer preschool classes for children two years of age to five years of age. Our after school care program is for our preschoolers.

See the school's home page for more information.

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